I graduated from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and then the North Carolina School of the Arts, and am an Emmy nominated director of photography who shoots documentary television series for National Geographic, Red Bull, Discovery Channel and the like.  I am also a photographer who has several current projects I am working on:

AboutFace CLT is a portraiture and storytelling project designed to give a voice to some of our invisible neighbors here in Charlotte. www.AboutFaceCLT.org

Finding Silence is a a project I am working on with my brother where we travel the globe and seek out wisdom holders from the ancient spiritual traditions and talk to them about prayer and meditation and how they seek peace in a tumultuous world. From Buddhist monks in caves in Myanmar to Shamans and Orthodox nuns in the far reaches of Siberia.

Trees. I am currently working on a brand new series of photos that seek to bring nature into our homes and offices. Large scale photos that act as a window and connects you to the stillness and the power of the outdoors.


All art is an act of service. An offering to the mystery, and a prayer that I may see your face.



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